Welcome to ‘Chambers @ OCG’

Chambers‘ is a beautiful space for holding exhibitions. Named after the judge’s private retiring room that would have been adjacent to the main courtroom in our building, it is a light and airy room separate from the larger gallery area.

Normally, Chambers plays host to a wide selection of art from our permanent artists, but for exhibitions we transform it into a space perfect for both solo and multi-artist shows.

Below are details of the past and future events that the Old Courthouse Gallery has hosted.


CASEY ALLUM: Coming Home – the Langdale Collection, September 9th to October 1st 2023

We are thrilled to be showing this  exhibition by Casey Allum. Casey is a self-taught portrait artist and illustrator with a phenomenal eye for animals in particular. Although Casey now lives in Scotland, she was born and grew up in Langdale and this new collection will reflect and be inspired by her childhood there. The exhibition features a new collection of greyscale oil paintings, created solely for this exhibition to mark not only Casey’s admiration for the Cumbrian wildlife but also the simple draw one feels for ‘coming home’.

Carrying over the palette from her usual and well-known graphite pieces, Casey’s new works depict these beautiful creatures in a completely new light, telling the story of a deep routed love of animals; a childhood of saving mice from farm cats, running from accidentally disturbed badgers, chatting with tamed Herdwicks with likings for penny-sweets (especially the fizzy ones), hacking out on the farms shires and endless encounters with all manner of local creatures

The exhibition will be free to enter and will be open every day during normal gallery hours. Casey herself will be here on Saturday 9th from 10-3, during which time she will be doing some live drawing. There will also be some refreshments on hand!

You can also view all of these remarkable new originals in our store here



LIBBY EDMONDSON REMEMBERED: May 26th to June 18th 2023

We were honoured to host this very special exhibition. It celebrated and remembered the enormously talented local artist, Libby Edmondson, who sadly passed away in 2022. Libby was a very well-known artist who worked for many years as a sculptor before turning to painting 20 years ago. OCG was privileged to exclusively represent her original paintings during this time.

Libby produced some 270 paintings during her career and it was thought that all of her work had been sold. However, a chance discovery in an overlooked storeroom brought 19 further originals into the light. Spanning the whole range of her painting career, they were a mix of landscapes, still life and nature studies. We were proud to be able to offer the majority of these for sale at OCG.

Also included was one very poignant self-portrait titled ‘Eating the Lotus’, which was a reflection by Libby on her life and work. It depicts her sculpting, painting and enjoying life in the company of her family and friends. It formed the centrepiece of the exhibition, though it was not for sale.

Here is a reminder of some of the paintings from the exhibition. 

SARAH & DAVID CEMMICK: True to Form, from March 5th to 26th 2022

This exhibition saw the return of David Cemmick, in collaboration with his equally-talented wife Sarah. They  developed a new collection of work titled ‘True to Form‘ centred around the iconic March hare.

A form is the open-air space that a hare makes in long grass and via a mix of paintings, lino cuts and sculptures Sarah & David explored the personality of this much-loved British creature in its natural environment.


DAVID CEMMICK: Gorilla, from May 29th to June 13th 2021

David is a very well-respected wildlife artist, renowned for his work on endangered species and habitats. This new exhibition was a mix of sculptures, drawings and paintings focussing on gorillas and gave an evocative portrayal of these magnificent creatures.

The exhibition featured three brand-new sculptures alongside three editions of David’s existing gorilla works. There were also 20 new original artworks, half oils and half other media, and around 30 mounted unframed sketches. We also have more of David’s work at the gallery, which can be found here


FAY COLLINS: A Return to Nature, from September 19th to October 3rd 2020

For this exhibition we displayed a beautiful new collection of work by Fay Collins, in her exhibition ‘A Return to Nature’. The exhibtion ran from September 19th 2020 for two weeks. All the paintings were evocative representations of the landscape around the Ambleside area, in oils on board. Although ths exhibition is now over, we still feature Fay’s work in the gallery and you can see her latest paintings here.

Working from her studio in the Forest of Bowland, Fay creates distinctive paintings of both landscape and nature. For this solo exhibition she created a new body of work inspired by the slow return to normality in the Lakes post-COVID.

THE LAKE ARTISTS SOCIETY: Members’ Special Exhibition, August 22nd to September 5th 2020

We were very happy to host this very special exhibition of works by the members of the prestigious Lake Artists Society. Sadly, the Society’s usual highly-regarded Summer Exhibition had to be cancelled due to the COVD-19 outbreak. The Summer Exhibition has been a fixture of the Lake District Arts calendar for many decades and previously only paused for World War II.

Although the normal full exhibition with multiple new works from the Members and selected Guest Artists couldn’t go ahead, we offered our Chambers exhibition room for a smaller event. As long-time attendees of the Societies’ shows ourselves we were keen to do something to help out and avoid a total cancellation. We therefore hosted this exhibition of one or two works from each Member, with all proceeds going to the Society and its artists.

Below is the list of members who exhibited:


Ceri Allen
Christine Baine
Catherine MacDiarmid
Kate Bentley
Angie Mitchell
Marion Bradley
Rebecca Naimski (Darbishire)
Dawn Gabrielle Chandler
Rebecca Payn

Kevin Chester
Annie Peaker
Danny Clahane
Janette Phillips
Fiona Clucas
Vivienne Pooley
Stephen Darbishire
Hideyuki Sobue
Mark Gibbs

Alan Stones
Rachel Gibson
R. Martin Tomlinson
Susan H. Glassford
Graham Twyford
Gordon Griffiths
Elizabeth Walsh
P.L. Hobbs
Ian Walton

Janet Kenyon
Ralph Wardle
Marion Kuit
Michael Wilson
Tracy Levine
Judith L.Wood
David Macaulay
Beverley White

Ambleside After The Rain

Phillip L Hobbs

Borrans Barn

Phillip L Hobbs

White Platts Ambleside

R Martin Tomlinson

Egg Cup and Vase

Dawn Gabrielle Chandler

Ambleside, Inside & Out

27th April – 11th May 2019

Dawn Gabrielle Chandler, Philip L Hobbs and R Martin Tomlinson

Dawn is well-known for her ShelfLife paintings but for this exhibition she returned to a medium, pencil, with which she began her art career over twenty years ago.

The gallery has previously hosted an exhibition of Phil’s Venetian work and was excited to show his more local work too. “I’ve lived and worked in and around Ambleside all of my adult life and I’ve watched it change and seen its people come and go. The farms, blacksmiths’ workshops, slate works and boatyards are all among my favourite subjects”.

This was the first time that the gallery had the pleasure of featuring Martin’s work. Like Phil, Martin has lived in Ambleside for most of his life – “this Exhibition has given me a great chance to focus my painting on the familiar landscape and buildings I see every day. Several of the pictures in this collection have been painted within yards of my front door and it has been a wonderful opportunity to fully appreciate what is virtually on my doorstep.”

Daniel Cooper
Northern Sights

A solo exhibition of original art and
limited edition prints by Daniel Cooper

15th September – 7th October 2018

Old Courthouse Gallery
Market Place
LA22 9BU

Left: detail of ‘Play of VioLights’ Daniel Cooper 

Land lines

Phil Hobbs
A Day in Venice
21st October – 5th November 2017

A day in Venice, a Watercolour Journey

“I am always slightly envious when someone tells me that they are planning to go to Venice for the first time. Although I have visited that unique city many times, nothing could have prepared me for that first visit. Nor has anything since come close to that initial revelation” – Phil Hobbs