Amanda Watson

Amanda is a Yorkshire born contemporary artist with a particular passion for rural landscapes and the sea. She attended the Leeds College of Art, before completing her bachelor degree in Fine Art from the University of Leeds.

"Being mainly inspired by the natural world I seek solitude and wild places, being drawn to the landscapes of the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, Moors and the sea. I’m particularly interested in the effects passing weather systems have on land and water, setting the mood of a place.

My paintings and drawings are an attempt to recreate the sensations and experiences I have whilst out, a fleeting moment that etches itself on one’s memory. How to render that in paint is the constant challenge I do actually relish; technically which potions and mediums when mixed with paint and applied to a board or canvas will allow me to create an object that evokes a particular memory. At the moment I’m enjoying pushing the materials to find new ways to represent the fleeting experience. I tend to revisit a place, getting to know it. I find I can then work without visual reference, allowing a way of working which is fully focused on the painting."

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