Andrew Kinmont

Andrew graduated from University of Wales with a Fine Art honours degree, with further training from St Martins College London and West Dean College. Since then his work has met with critical acclaim and is collected both nationally and abroad. He's featured in the notable “Who’s Who in Art’ (Movern Press), is an elected member of the prestigious Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, as well as the Manchester Academy of Fine Art. His work has appeared on the cover of various magazines and catalogues and is regularly selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. He currently lives and works in Cheshire.

'As humans we have evolved from nature and therefore have a deeply ingrained physical and spiritual connection with it. I create paintings as a response to my own experience of landscape. I constantly experiment with a range of techniques to evoke the raw experience of nature. The resultant paintings are as much about my feelings and the atmosphere of a place as they are about how it looks. As a result they are not always ‘realistic’ and can be quite abstract. This is important as it allows viewers to bring their own interpretation and experience to the work.'

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