Lesley Ann Clarke

Lesley was born in St Ives, she is a self-tough artist, her 'Cornish Seas' collection perfectly represent her love and passion for Cornish coastline.

“To grow up in St Ives in the seventies was an art lesson that lasts and to visit the Leach pottery regularly or to spend your days with the street artists, wandering through workshops; cements a relationship with arts and crafts that puts them at the centre of life itself."

Over the years many artists have come to live and work in St Ives for its light and wondrous views. Lesley's blown glass makes full use of the light and flowing nature of hot glass, she uses two coloured glasses in powdered form. Blue and white glass is rolled into the hot crystal and the oxides on the coloured glass react to give ochres. The colours mix and swirl and give the impressions of the landscape and seascape within the glass itself shaped to reflect movement.

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