Rob Shaw

The story of Rob Shaw’s career as an artist is truly incredible. Rob was born in Derbyshire, after failing art at school he didn’t considered his future to be in art, instead he became an interior architect, - “apparently architects don’t need to draw” Rob studied in Newcastle and Teesside and graduated in 1997. He then went to pursuit a successful carrier in architecture. Rob’s parents relocated to Yorkshire and bought a cottage near Staines, Rob gradually fallen in love with this absolutely beautiful village. It’s Staines which inspired Rob’s art work and that’s where his successful carrier as a professional artist was born. Since then Rob exhibited in New York, London and Tokyo and exhibited and sold art work in Royal Academy. Until recently Staines Gallery would be the only gallery who represented Rob in UK. After recent visit to the Lake District Rob decided to explore landscape in his art and what better place to do it then the Lakes. We are thrilled that he chosen Old Courthouse Gallery to display his beautiful paintings.  

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