Martin Evans

Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, I have a background in graphic design which influences and informs the composition of my paintings. Art is a tool for me to capture the beauty of the world around us in my own vision, breathing new life into traditional subjects such as landscapes and the natural world by incorporating contemporary tools and techniques along with the use of vibrant colour palettes and bold mark making.

I have been inspired by the street art I have seen when traveling; bringing that feeling of freedom and spontaneity into my artwork by using spray paint, pallet knives and paint rollers. Spray paint, acrylic paint and oil pastel are my most used mediums, they are very free and liberating, allowing me to mould and sculpt the composition of the piece as I work. I also work in a museum and art gallery, where I am constantly exposed to new artists and inspiration. Recent exhibitions have included Cumbrian artist Percy Kelly and American artist Alex Katz.

Another side to my work is digital painting. While these digital paintings stand alone as pieces of work, my main aim is to use them to inspire my physical paintings. 

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