Martin Evans

Martin Evans lives and works in Carlisle, he studied Graphic Design at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts; where he developed his eye for colour and composition. A self-taught painter, it's the pure joy of painting that drives his process. Cumbria has some of the most spectacular landscape in the UK, and he's constantly inspired by this. Martin's work has been exhibited widely and most recently has had work selected for the prestigious 2020 Discerning Eye Exhibition. His work can be found in private collections across the UK and worldwide.

"The main theme running through my landscapes is the exploration of paint and colour to capture the atmosphere of a place and time. My inspiration comes from the changing seasons or shifting light at a specific time. My focus is capturing a contemporary impression and not an exact representation. I always stand at my easel and work fast, because I want my work to have immediacy and energy. Spray paint drips and brush marks are incorporated as I want my work to celebrate the paint itself. The tools I use include: large brushes, spray paint and rollers; these are very fluid so it allows the paint freedom to move around the surface. I explore scale within my work and how my techniques can transfer depending on size. My largest painting is a 5.5m x 3m outdoor mural, and my smaller pieces are 20cm x 20cm."

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