Tim Atkinson

Tim Atkinson contemporary furniture is based in Cheshire.

“I generally use native woods: oak, elm, beech and yew. It is carefully selected for unique features and character, mostly the wood dictates what I make giving it a feeling of ‘treeness’.

Special wood favourites are oak burr and elm burr, both having incredible figure, shatters and shakes which never fails to please the eye when linseed oil is applied. Every piece made is a journey and adventure, discovering new shapes, landscapes and crevices ever changing with thoughts, moods and light. I liken my pieces to a family - ‘children’ when looked after and cared for with a loving touch will give years of enjoyment and pleasure. 

I make furniture, which is visually interesting as well as practical and hardwearing. It absorbs the stresses and strains of life but is ultimately for people to adopt, touch and care for.” 

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