Ali Tomlin

Ali’s work is a collection of thrown, uncluttered porcelain forms in a variety of colours and marks but always with her signature background of white porcelain and red maker’s mark. 


She throws and turns the pieces to a fine finish which, when unglazed and sanded, gives the porcelain a paper-like, tactile quality. Drawing on her design background she applies stains, oxides and slips, splashing or sponging away areas and inlaying lines with movement and spontaneity. Most decorating is done on the wheel to try and capture that feeling of movement on a static object and some pieces have the impression of endless landscape paintings wrapping around them.


All her work is both to look at and to use.


‘I have always drawn and designed and love the energy of random lines or marks, from a sketch, painting, beach combing. Anything is potential, found or seen. I draw and paint, alongside making pots, and enjoy how a simple line or mark can completely alter a piece and how the same shapes repeated, but with very different decoration, can form a cohesive family.’


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