Morpheus Glass

Morpheus Glass studio is a family business owned and ran by fused glass artist Stephanie Bowen and graphic designer Ian O’Brien.
Contemporary fused glass design and individuality is the focus of fused glass designer/maker Stephanie Bowen. Using a range of advanced glass fusing techniques Stephanie is able to achieve a beautiful, unique and original range of contemporary fused glass products. Her passion for designing and making fused glass is inspired from the exploration of the materials she uses and the effects and textures possible, along with her fascination with combining colours and patterns.
Her interest in this fascinating material started over 15 years ago during her studies at college. After just one year of experimenting with several different techniques Stephanie chose glass as her specialist subject for her degree at university. Since completing her studies Stephanie has continued to learn new skills and develop her unique fused glass technique.

As one of the leading fused glass artists in the UK Stephanie now supplies fused glass work to galleries, shops, interior designers, architects and independent traders both nationally and internationally alongside exhibiting her work in both solo and joint exhibitions throughout the UK and predominantly enjoys working with clients on a range of varied and exciting bespoke commission projects.

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