Janette Phillips

Janette, a member of the Lake Artists Society, is well known for her expressive painting and joyful use of colour. Her distinctive style seems to sum up the optimism and hope of the natural world, with inspiration drawn from the mesmeric Cumbrian coastlines, vast estuaries and majestic fells that surround her studio.

‘The sparkling abundance of nature inspires me daily as I take my cues from the natural world; flowers, landscape, scents and even sounds. I love to work with a variety of art mediums including oil paint, inks, pastels, watercolours and collage. Colour is always
predominant in my work, I simply cannot suppress my urge to use it and why would I want to! My use of colour seems to have the power to lift moods and carve positive spaces into people’s homes and this transformative effect still thrills me. Following degrees in Design, Art History and Fine Art my creative practice today is underpinned with time spent drawing, looking, photographing, musing. I’m thankful for the strong foundation upon which I constructed my own creative world. I’ve been a professional artist for 20 years and it still surprises me how much I still have left to do.’

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