Susan Dobson

Based in Northumberland, Susan’s striking and atmospheric images draw you into moor and mountain landscapes, evoking memories of ever changing weather and light and familiar feelings of place.

“I am inspired by northern landscapes, particularly the wild places. I have spent many years walking in and drawing the mountains and fells of northern Britain, and more recently the Alps and Pyrenees. I love to be in the high hills, in close relationship with the mountains – often clinging on for dear life!
With the fear comes also exhilaration at completing routes, the reward of stunning, breathtaking views and a growing knowledge and understanding of how mountains fit together - not to mention an intimate acquaintance with the particular structure of limestone!

I am fascinated by the fugitive effects of weather, and light on wild mountain landscapes. In my work I capture these transient, atmospheric qualities. I create images which range from the representational to those which express abstract qualities of light, texture and form.”

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