Alison Vincent

Alison uses glass to capture impressive details from her encounters in remote, pristine locations; her art aims to raise awareness of the environment, wilderness and the fragility of nature.

‘I hand-create art inspired by my encounters in remote wild nature using glass and unexpected techniques. I have a passion for being in extreme wildernesses - especially oceans and ocean life, mountains, ice and sailing or diving. These big expanses give me a sense of adventure and exhilaration and being there is a real privilege. Vast, rugged landscapes make me feel very small but connected with this world. I am concerned about their fragile future and want to raise awareness so others care and protect them too.

Glassblowing is the hardest thing I have ever done! It’s challenging, expensive, addictive and satisfying. My making process can be dramatic and is part of my overall enjoyment. I first blew glass in 2012 and mid-2019 focused fully on it. I self-trained in the UK by hiring studios and the owner for one to one tuition. I am based in South Buckinghamshire.’

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