Sophie Coe

“I find inspiration almost anywhere but particularly in nature. Whether it’s the power of the sea, the wind through a grove of bamboo, sunlight through a canopy, the detail and structure of a leaf... There’s so much beauty around us, both the big views and the details, I’m in awe of it. I try to capture the mood, the wonder, the feeling of being there, the elements perhaps less visible with a passing glance.”

Sophie works with various drawing, painting and printmaking techniques to create images largely inspired by nature. The freedom in her mark making gives an immediacy and energy to her work which itself exudes the simple calmness and beauty of the subjects that inspire it. After studying fine art, design and architecture Sophie worked in the UK, Asia and Australia before settling in London. Alongside a successful career in architecture, fine art remained a passion which over the years grew to take over as a full-time occupation. Having a background in architecture gives her an in depth understanding of buildings, interiors, client/designer relationships and collaborative design. Her work sells worldwide for both private collections and commercial interiors.

“I have always loved design, creating things, and sometimes work collaboratively to solve a design brief for artwork specific to a project. Mostly though I work alone inspired by the beauty in nature, often with my own creative enquiries: How to express the rain? or the wind as it blows sand along a sea drenched beach... as it makes botanical shadows dance on a wall. How to express the movement of a wave, or the still timeless eternity of a mountain. There’s inspiration everywhere”

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