Toon Thijs

Toon Thijs was born in Brabant in the Netherlands in 1948, and following a training course at the Academy of Art at Tilburg he took up a post as teacher of art in the Academy at Arnhem. His studio work has always been an important part of his life and he has exhibited extensively in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. He has received many prizes for his work. In 2001 the visitors to the North Netherlands Ceramic Festival awarded him first prize and again in 2010.

Toon Thijs’s work is renowned for its unusual design that leads to exclusive, striking objects. Austere shapes are precisely finished off - Toon pays huge attention to details, with a remarkable rich use of colour.

A variety of techniques is often combined in making one single object: moulding, slab-building, modelling. Most objects are finished off with glazes and/or engobes rich in colour. 

Toon’s vessels are made of very fine earthenware clay and/or porcelain paperclay, fired in an electric kiln up to 1085C. 

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