Adam Aaronson

Adam Aaronson has been at the heart of British studio glass for nearly 40 years, first running galleries dedicated to glass art and subsequently as a glass artist in his own right; learning how to create glass art later in his career and developing self-taught methods. Adam is a skilled maker and a truly diverse and talented glass artist. He's constantly experimenting with techniques and exploring new ideas, including the potential of large sculptural works designed for the outdoors.

Adam specialises in free blown glass. His vessels and sculptures are a celebration of simplicity and pure form. His coloured patinas draw on painterly techniques and are predominately inspired by a love of nature, especially the play of light on water and the Surrey Hills landscape where his studio is based.

He is a consummate colourist, and the Impressionist painters -Turner, Whistler, Monet and others – have been a significant inspiration for his work.

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