Bob Crooks

Bob Crooks is one of Britain’s most highly recognised leading glassmakers. Renowned for the high quality, skilfully executed dynamic forms and surfaces, he has been producing over the last twelve years, continuously thinking of original and challenging ideas. His work has been exhibited at an international level and noted exhibitions in; Italy, China, Scandinavia, Australia and the USA; alongside many exhibitions at home in the UK. 

The pieces are inspired by Geometry, Architecture, Natural and Man-made worlds; as well as the qualities and capabilities of the glass itself. Bob exploits these properties through: refraction, reflection, transparency and opacity; whilst working with the fluidity of glass and ‘freezing’ it as the desired form is realised. 

Within the range of production work made, Bob has consciously developed work that is, because of the nature of different applications, a one-off, it's not possible to make two pieces identical. The unique pieces have now escalated in size, creating a more dramatic statement. Although large scale, closer inspection reveals intricacies which demand closer inspection. The resultant objects demonstrate a masterly love of the material with attention to fine detail.

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