Philip Hearsey

Philip’s artistry and imagination create elegant objects that do not rely solely upon their intrinsic beauty: they possess an essential presence and resonance.

His vessels are solid and heavy and are formed using the sand-casting process. This process is relentless and unforgiving – the patterns must withstand considerable abuse and a sand foundry is no place for a delicate original. Each casting roughly replicates the original pattern but requires considerable work to refine and finish the surface and form. Sometimes the casting is cut, pierced or individually shaped to create a unique version and although born from a common original, a truly one-off piece.

Patination presents challenging, unpredictable and seemingly endless possibilities. Although based on sound chemical principles it nevertheless involves a degree of uncontrollable mystery, chance, accident and risk: no two pieces are, or ever can be, quite the same.

The colouring is not a coating, it is the surface itself: it is a transformation of the material, by the material, and is an outward manifestation and celebration of the bronze.

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