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  • Alan Ardiff

    Alan Ardiff is an Irish jewellery designer and maker. He creates his jewellery from a combination of gold and silver, with a number of the jewellery pieces incorporating kinetic parts; fish jump, birds swing, stones rock and hearts roll! His quirky jewellery reflects his other passion; sculpture. 

  • Dee Barnes

    Dee is a jewellery designer and maker based in Leicester UK.

    Her Colourfield collections is created from her original paintings. 

    "I use acrylic paints, chalks, inks and gold leaf, silver and resin. Every single piece is a one off, no two pieces are the same.  I make collections in small batches according to the painting I have selected. 

    My desire is to emphasize the use of non-traditional materials and innovative techniques to create original one-off, jewel like pieces of wearable statement jewellery."

  • Tracey Birchwood

    Tracey Birchwood is Manchester based jewellery designer and maker. She graduated in 3-Dimensional Design from Brighton University where she majored in ceramics.  Her Petal Collection is made from delicate handmade porcelain petals, glazed and decorated with platinum, gold or mother of pearl lustre. These are then joined together to form necklaces and earrings using sterling silver chains, jump-rings and fittings. “I mostly make quite little delicate pieces, but its always good fun to be able to make a really extravagant piece!”

  • Matt Brewer

    Matt creates handmade jewellery using gold, sterling silver and gem stones. 

  • Becky Crow

    Becky Crow is a jewellery designer and make based in Brighton. “My work is a mixture of jewellery and three-dimensional illustration to be both worn and displayed. The pieces are individually made by hand from sheet silver and copper with 9ct gold and 22ct gold leaf for detailing. The metal is pierced out then, textures or patterns are applied to the surface using a rolling mill. These components are then layered together, soldered, and finished with matt, oxidized and polished surfaces to add depth and tone.”

  • John & Dawn Field
  • Paul Finch

    Paul was inspired to make jewellery whilst travelling in Asia and has been working as a self-taught designer jeweller for nearly 25 years. He relocated to Southern France with his family in 2009.  Paul uses a variety of innovative techniques to create distinctive ranges of jewellery characterized by elegance & simplicity. He has a love of strong form with few embellishments preferring to contrast colour and texture into organic flowing forms that are both durable and comfortable to wear. He creates sculptural pieces in silver and gold combined with diamonds or gemstones in unusual settings.

  • Caroline Finlay

    Caroline works from her studio in a renovated fire station in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, UK. 

    Trained at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen.

    Alongside teaching Caroline has exhibited her jewellery in the UK, Europe and USA.

    All pieces are individually hand made in Sterling Silver, some are oxidised dark grey. Caroline uses Vitreous Enamel that she fires to high temperature in a kiln,

    Due to the processes and materials used, no two pieces are identical. 

  • Nick Hubbard

    "For nearly forty years, our family-run business has been making jewellery known for its craftsmanship and story telling. Citing influences from comic art, literature, music and nature, Nick's work has led the way for fine jewellery featuring figurative detail and mechanized parts.

    After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery in 1978, husband and wife team, Nick (the Brick) and Jean (the Bean) established their business from a small workshop in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. After working for several years as a silversmith for the trade, Nick continued his love of miniaturisation to produce his first collection in the early 1990s and so the magical world of Nick Hubbard Jewellery began! Nick's jewellery has since become highly collectible and can be easily identified as the original article by a small engraving of a 'brick and bean' on each piece.

    Since losing our beloved Nick in 2013, we (the 'Brick and Bean team': wife Jean, daughters Philippa and Elizabeth and a wonderful team of talented jewellers who worked closely with Nick) have been dedicated to preserving and continuing his creative legacy.  We continue to lovingly handcraft jewellery from our workshop in Staffordshire using traditional jewellery-making methods. Working with Nick's drawings, designs and processes ensures that every piece is imbued with his distinctive style and skill that has set the standard for finely crafted, playful contemporary jewellery."

  • Gail Klevan

    Gail Klevan, based in London personally hand decorates each piece using various metallic foils and coloured compounds. All items are made from acrylic or similar plastics and are formed by a variety of methods. They are backed with durable lacquers and varnishes and some items are signed.

    Ear fittings are made from surgical steel. The metal tubes used in the chokers, neck and wrist cuffs are gold or white-bronze plated copper.

  • Angela Learoyd
  • Linda Macdonald

    Linda Macdonald is a Scotish jewellery designer maker creating from her studio near Loch Lomond. Her jewellery is inspired by romance and the delicate detail in nature. 

    "I was always creative as I grew up, with inspiration all around me in the form of textiles. My father worked for a thread company and my mother was and still is a keen seamstress with a beautiful embroidery hobby. Although my creativity started with fabrics and wool, this quickly turned to sketching our stunning surroundings in Cardross, Scotland where I grew up. Our village is a beautiful place set in the country with plenty of walks, woods and wildlife around - it is an inspiring place to live."

  • MarMoo
  • Maria Santos Alcantara

    Maria Santos was born in Spain now lives and creates from her studio in Kirkby Stephen, designing and making a range of jewellery in fine silver and beautify hand crafted pewter object. Maria draws inspiration for her jewellery from textures in nature.

  • Lesley Strickland
    Lesley is a British jeweller specialising in the use of cellulose acetate (derived from cotton oil) combined with sterling silver. Cellulose acetate is an unusual plastic as it is made from purified cellulose, with wood or cotton linters being the raw material rather than petroleum.

    Although the sheets of cellulose acetate are made using some very modern technology, craftsmanship is still the key to making the best use of such an elegant material. Each piece of Lesley Strickland's jewellery is hand formed and very carefully finished.

  • Catherine Thomas

    Catherine is a Dorset-based jeweller who works from a small studio at home. Her designs are informed by many influences from her life and often stem from a general sense of what feels ‘right’, whether that’s in the limited colour palette of semi-precious stones used or the etched patterns and textures which characterise her work. Each piece of jewellery is handmade using traditional jewellery bench skills. 

  • Natalie Vardey
  • Penny Warren

    Penny’s jewellery is made from anodised aluminium and silver. “The designs I produce in this material are much simpler and geometric as the surface colour creates the interest. I dye this freehand, diluting the colours to achieve a watercolour effect, which has much more depth & subtlety than flat colour. Then I combine these pieces with polished or matt silver, either by riveting or folding. My designs are inspired by land, sea and skyscapes.” 

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