Annie Turner

Annie holds a BA Hons in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire (2004). She has recently held a solo exhibition at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal (2017). Prior to that she has held exhibitions in Germany, Italy and the North of England.

She works as an art teacher and technician in an art and design department Of her work, Annie says

‘[it] has developed from my interest in a balance between letting the materials produce magic moments within the painting and then taking control. The way I work pushes the possibilities of the materials and challenges me to take uncomfortable risks throughout the development of the painting. I do not know how the painting will develop and have to trust the process and make mistakes along the way. Some paintings take months to resolve and go through various stages before they finally come out the other side. I work with collage, paint, stitch, mark making, resin and oil bards and am influenced by my life experiences, the amazing landscapes around me and by maps, networks and symbols.’

Annie’s latest work has been influenced by the floods which affected Cumbria recently.

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