Malcolm Dobbins

Malcolm is a professional artist and has painted since pre school days. He describes himself as a contemporary painter and his work ‘Abstract Realism’. Influenced by his mother and artists such as Hans Hoffman, Howard Hodgkin and Keith Vaughan along the way. Graduating in 1996 from The Univercity of Sunderland with BA (Hons) Fine Art, he went on to gain a Masters Degree in Art & Design in Context (2005). This is where he learned good research skills and became disciplined in his working methodology. Time spent on colour combination and designing the palette is important to him, he uses mainly analogous palettes on each series of work and says “paintings look good hung together, when the colours in them relate to one another, it makes life a little easier for galleries too!”.  Drawing books contain various palettes, and relate to each body of work. “Working in series, keeps me fresh. I enjoy the excitement of a new series; inventing new colours and fresh palettes,  its one of the less frustrating tasks too”.  His work can be described as Abstract Realism, to a greater or lesser degree. “By exaggerating colour, playing with perspective and finding good overall form, I come to a satisfying balance, where the image created has some physical qualities of the geographical location”. 

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