Moy Mackay

Moy Mackay was born in Edinburgh in 1966, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1990. Moy’s rich, vibrant works of art have attracted a steadily increasing fan base over the years, following numerous exhibitions throughout the UK and also in the US.  From her home in the Scottish Borders, she fuels her passion for colour and texture with an unceasing inspiration drawn from her surroundings in the beautiful Tweed Valley, using merino fleece fibres in the same way that a painter uses brushstrokes. The result is a 'felt painting' of extraordinary warmth and texture. It is a fascinating, absorbing process which requires a fine balance between spontaneity and control, the wide spectrum of colours offers endless possibilities to create images of startling vibrancy and depth. It is impossible to look at one of Moy’s painting and not see the pure delight that she takes in her unique craft. The exquisite, dreamlike scenes give us a glimpse into her very personal view of the land she loves and have been described as '…art with a complex process, created with integrity and a bone-deep affinity with its subject. The result is sensory bliss.'

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