Jenny McLaren

Jenny lives in the Lake District but was born and until recently lived in Scotland. She heads north regularly on painting trips in her camper van, returning to the West Coast and Scottish Islands to paint. The promixity of the sea and mountains and the wildness of it will always draw her back. Jenny has a BA in Fine Art (2006) and has exhibited work extensively in the UK. She was artist in residence 2013/14 at the Highland Wildife Park and artist in residence for the North York Moors National Park 2014/15. Jenny says of her work: 'I use drawing, painting and photography and collage to explore and connect with the landscape. When I go somewhere new, which is often, I get to know a place by walking. I meander, find vantage points, follow my feet and happily get lost in my surroundings. I pay attention to the effects of weather and the local geology, flora and fauna. Once I feel acquainted with a place I respond by making the work. Sketches, photographs and notes taken on my excursions are all referred to when I'm working in the studio, and some paintaings are completed on location from direct observation. I try to depict my experience of "being there" and strive to produce an image that holds my emotional response to a specific place. I use mainly watercolour, acrylic gouache paints and acrylic inks with other mixed media, working on watercolour paper, wood panel or collaged surfaces. I particularly like working on old maps of the areas I visit. There is a dialogue between the map and the washes of paint obscuring or revealing it that results in an intriguing image. It draws the viewer in to look closer at the details, mirroring how I look at landscapes.'

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