Alan Richmond

Alan Richmond was born in 1960 in the Hertfordshire village of Welwyn, moved to Hawick in the Scottish borders in 1969 and has lived there ever since, and has come to love Scotland, especially the highlands and islands. He's a self-taught painter with a keen eye for transitional weathered textures and capturing the interplay of light and form.

"A love of paintings and pictures probably goes back to early school days, where our school encouraged play as a way to learn, great fun, but we played more than we learnt. That all changed in Hawick, where fortunately Maths and English were more important. Until third year in high school, when I was able to choose A level art, with 8 out of 40 periods a week, and a great teacher.

My goal is to create images that are suggested, to give a feeling or impression, rather than literal depiction, giving enough information to be a landscape, whilst aiming to go beyond the immediately obvious, leaving as much as possible to the imagination of the individual viewer."

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