John Shorrock

John Shorrock is the woodturner who works out of a large workshop and wood store on the family farm. John uses hardwoods grown in the North West of England. Most of the wood is sourced from local tree surgeons who let him know when they have a tree which they think is suitable for John's style of wood turning. 

'I visualize the shape I want before starting a piece but take careful note of the features as the piece develops working the final shape to reveal the grain and natural edges to best advantage. All my pieces are finished with melamine lacquer and then wax polished to bring out the natural markings of the wood.

If possible I buy full trees and always like to know where they had grown. Most of my work at present is made out of Elm burr, Yew and Sycamore.

All off-cuts of wood are burned in my workshop stove to keep warm in winter, composted shavings are used in our vegetable garden. I get my inspiration from the trees whose wood I use in my work, I try to retain the spirit and character of the tree in every piece I create. A large part of keeping the character of the tree is working with the faults and defects instead of cutting them out. In my work you will see the inclusion of bark, holes and areas of rot all of which add character if sympathetically used.

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